No more new cards for Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards(22/8/2014) by Shadowmaster
While I'll still happily help maintain and update Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards, it's about time I've stopped making new cards. It has gone long past the point where making more and more cards no longer does anything to help the card game. I've already gone over 1600 cards, and fixing previous sets of hundreds of cards can be a nightmare.

Admittedly there was another set or two I wanted to finished before I stopped making cards entirely, but I've gotten to the point where I've grown tired of working on the cards now. It's about time I should really start focusing all of my effort on other projects that hopefully may benefit me more in the long run.

New Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards set released(18/7/2014) by Shadowmaster
Since my previous update, I have only managed to release a single new set for Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards (although one long overdue). Admittedly I've spent a lot of time fixing or updating previous cards (over 1300 of them...), but I'm hoping I won't have to feel like working on Smash cards much longer now.

Everything's back up now(04/5/2014) by Shadowmaster
Chrono Destroyer and The Greedy Caterpillar are now back up for your enjoyment. This means everything's back up online now. Hopefully now I can just focus on adding new content to the website. *Laughs*

Mecha Nova and entire Smash Bros. Cards section back Online(25/4/2014) by Shadowmaster
All of the card set pages for the Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards section are back online. I've also got the Portfolio and Mecha Nova back online as well, but I've still yet to upload Chrono Destroyer and The Greedy Caterpillar back online. Those two might take me a bit longer for me to fix.

Smash Bros. Cards Section partially back Online(14/4/2014) by Shadowmaster
The news page for Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards is back online, but the card set pages are still inaccessible for the time being. I still need to fix the card set pages before loading them back up online.

The reason I uploaded the news page for Smash Bros. Cards early was so I could upload the Lackey plugin files back online, so at least now you can still download the plugin files if you want to play Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards in LackeyCCG.

Front Page & News back Online(13/4/2014) by Shadowmaster
It's been a while hasn't it? The website has been taken down for the past few weeks as it needed some serious updating, not so much on the presentation or structure side but more on the coding side.

I have managed to get the front page and this page back up, but other areas of the website will still be down until I've updated the files. I will update here on when more of the site becomes available.

Site Update & Restructuring(02/8/2013) by Shadowmaster
The website has been updated to help fill up more of the space while still being compatible with a variety of monitor screen sizes. Some website file restructuring have also taken place, meaning that the majority of pages and files have new links. This mainly concerns the Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards since I've decided to organise the card set locations better than previously.

Speaking of Smash cards, I have updated the card game with another new set, one entirely based around dual elemental typed Smashers. They're unlike most cards that you usually see so it's worth checking out.

Slow Progress(26/1/2013) by Shadowmaster
While I had finished a new Smash Cards set a while ago, I've only just uploaded a section for it on this website today. I do also plan on improving the image file system for the website but haven't gotten round to doing so yet.

A new online event has been released for Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards in the forums, but admittedly other than that, progress with Smash Cards has greatly slowed down due to working at my new job as well as working on my secret project. But don't worry I do plan on picking up the pace, for both this website as well as Smash Cards.

Smash Cards & Website Update(19/10/2012) by Shadowmaster
Throughout the past two months I have been making constant updates to the website regarding Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards (as well as improving website efficiency by getting rid of duplicate images), but I didn't want to announce here until all of the changes were complete.

Not only does the card set list actually contain all of the card sets in Smash cards, the Featured Cards sections have been replaced with a table containing every single card from that set. I've also included pictures of the booster packs on each of the card set pages.

While the new Lackey plugin update for Smash cards does contain a small number of new cards (along with over 100 fixes to previous cards), no new sets have been added, and I'm hoping to take another break from Smash cards so I can continue working on my secret project.

Smash Cards Konami Knights Set Added(28/7/2012) by Shadowmaster
Apologies in advance for not keeping Mecha Nova's section up to date, as I really wanted to focus on getting the Konami Knights set for Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards finished. The Konami Knights set is now up on the LackeyCCG plugin, along with many card fixes and new features.

Despite having loads more cards and sets planned for Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards, I'm going to take a break from that project now, as there is a secret project, as well as a few other small things that I want to focus on.

Mecha Nova Section Added(07/7/2012) by Shadowmaster
Mecha Nova has its own section now which you can access from the Portfolio, or by clicking here.

I plan on making multiple web pages for Mecha Nova. At the moment, only the Overview webpage containing the download link, video and screenshots is up. But this week I plan on including dedicated web pages for the list of Mechas and missions within the latest demo.

Chrono Destroyer Webpage Added(01/7/2012) by Shadowmaster
Chrono Destroyer has its own web page now which you can access from the Portfolio, or by clicking here.

I will make the web page for Mecha Nova during the next weekend. I want to work on some more Smash cards now.

University Results and Mecha Nova(23/6/2012) by Shadowmaster
Got my results now, I have a First Class in a Bachelor of Design with Honours, I am so pleased with this. My graduation ceremony is on the 6th of September. Although I doubt this graduation ceremony will be as good as the previous graduation ceremony for my foundation degree, because that one had Brian Blessed giving out all of the awards (yes I got to meet Brian Blessed, it was awesome).

While Mecha Nova has been available for download for sometime, I've only got round to updating my portfolio with Mecha Nova today. In future I am hoping to update this websites with dedicated web pages for Mecha Nova and Chrono Destroyer. I'm going to try doing that next weekend. I still don't know when I am going to upload that stereoscopic Vectorman video, because uploading stereoscopic videos onto Youtube sadly isn't straight forward and not very clear.

University finished & adding more Projects(12/5/2012) by Shadowmaster
I've finished my University work, which I'm really thrilled about since that means I'm no longer in education. While I do not have all of my marks yet, my marks from the previous semester were really good (all B grades and an A grade), so I'm confident that the rest of the marks will be great too.

I know that I have a ton of projects to upload onto my website, but I have been really lazy about it (still trying to recover from all of that University work). I have managed to upload my Chrono Destroyer flash game (which knocks the socks off of my previous flash game), as well as a video of the flash game on youtube. So as always, stay tuned.

Website Expansion(16/1/2012) by Shadowmaster
Finally got my Portfolio section up on the website, although it only has two of my projects up on the page at the moment. I'm hoping to expand upon this very soon with my third project, which is a stereoscopic video of a Vectorman animation that I made.

More Smash Cards(27/12/2011) by Shadowmaster
I hope everyone has had a good Christmas, I certainately did (I got Mario Kart 7). University might be going good, but I won't know for certain until I get the results of the modules from the first semester.

Not much has changed with the website, but I have made more Smash cards and updated the LackeyCCG plugin. Sadly I don't think I'll be able to update the website with any other content until after I've finished University. Fortunately the course that I'm on will be finished early May, so not much longer now until I finally stop working on education.

Getting Started(14/9/2011) by Shadowmaster
The Crimson Castle website is now up. While it does not have all of the desired pages yet, it does have enough to show Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards and the Crimson Castle Forums publicly. Eventually I hope to get my other projects up on here too.

I'll be starting University soon for a top-up course so I can turn my foundation degree into a full degree. I'll still continue to focus on Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards, but like most of the time, I'll be ignoring my other projects until I feel like doing something else.