Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards is an unofficial card playing game based on Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon TCG franchises. Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards uses a variety of over 1000 cards using various iconic characters, items and locations. Build armies and duke it out with your favourite Nintendo characters! Check the forums, wiki and links below for more information on this constantly growing card game.

New Dual Elemental Clash set(02/8/2014) by Shadowmaster
The new Dual Elemental Clash set has been unleashed on LackeyCCG, granting you all new dual typed smashers for crazy dual attacking power!

Many of the characters used in these cards are property of Nintendo. These cards are not affiliated, endorsed, or approved by Nintendo! (Characters owned by other companies are listed on the cards themselves.) For anyone who is new to the Smash Brothers series and is interested, below is the official Smash Brothers website.

Give many thanks to Masahiro Sakurai for creating one of the greatest videogame series!